We’ll power your lights, cameras and action

With the arrival of new TV and online platforms, a new demand for content has emerged in recent years and increased production levels globally. And whilst the environment can be controlled in purpose-built studios, it’s not as straightforward when in the jungle filming I’m A Celebrity… or on the high seas for Pirates of the Caribbean.

Thankfully we have some of the best in the business when it comes to supporting with Film and TV. As a key Albert supplier, Aggreko strives to achieve Albert accredited recognition throughout the many shows we support. Each show (ITV, BBC and Studio Lambert productions) is unique and the partnership enables us to offer a wider variety of sustainability-focused solutions specifically selected for each production. This can include offering load-on demand power, HVO renewable fuels, battery storage, solar panels and off-grid distribution.

Our team are passionate when collaborating with production management and creatives to ensure that the Director’s vision can be brought to life uninterrupted on screen. We also monitor all equipment remotely through our unique system (ARM) which allows us to monitor load profile to ensure the correct specification of equipment.