Long-Term Partnerships

The perfect partnership

Whilst we are passionate about developing new relationships with clients and servicing one-off events or series, we firmly believe that the best results are born from long-term partnerships.

We have built these partnerships with organisations and touring events over many years and seen relationships evolve to a level where all parties and stakeholders derive huge benefit.

This long-term approach allows us to create a learning-based relationship, where data and information is used to improve year after the year the efficiency of our installations.

When we enter into long-term partnership the starting point is always the design of both the technical and commercial requirements. This is a collaborative process and aims to ensure that the first year creates both a positive experience and a benchmark for future improvements.

As a truly global supplier, we can offer local support with a centralised management service – and this creates tangible benefits for our partners.

These can include efficient in country logistics services, local manpower with specific regional events knowledge, a centralised single point of contact, local adherence to HSE regulations and the ease of adapting the equipment requirements should the scope of the event face last-minute changes.

It is our focus to ensure that commercially, technically and environmentally our partnerships deliver quantifiable and measurable benefits for our clients.

We welcome conversations with clients about the implementation and development of long-term partnerships. Let’s see what we can do together!