About Us

A bit about us

For more than three decades, Aggreko Events Services (AES) has been setting the stage for many of the world’s most visible events.

It all started in the 1980’s when we provided power for Pink Floyd ‘s US tour. This was our first time working on large scale events, something we’ve go on to perfect.

In 1988 we powered NBC’s live broadcast of the Summer Olympics in Seoul. This was the start of our 30th year of being a supplier for the Olympic Games.

Since then we’ve been proud to provide the energy at dozens of Super Bowls, produce the ice for thousands of ice-rinks and power locations for some of the most iconic movies and TV shows.

Nowadays, our solutions serve as a critical components behind the scenes for events to happen all over the world, with teams of our specialists working on-site to ensure flawless performance.

We know that failure is not an option; that is why, with our specialised experience and expertise Aggreko Event Services has become the supplier of choice for delivering successful events.